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Our Story



Amy and Chelsea were both born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, in communities that value families and children. The parents they know are active, fashion-forward, and always looking for well made products.  However, so many of their friends could not find a diaper bag that worked well for their needs and options for diaper bags being awkward, outdated and extremely colorful. The two women set out to develop a bag that looked incredible, could handle the stress and spills of parenthood, and had space for every item necessary to tackle the day as a mom or dad. 

Amy lives in Sugarhouse with her partner of 4 years, their dog, cat, and 12 chickens. She is passionate about the outdoors, and loves skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing. Amy has seen her fair share of outdoor gear and appreciates a functional, well-crafted bag.

Chelsea lives in Bountiful, Utah, is a graduate of the University of Utah, and has two young boys. Being a mother, Chelsea has used many different products and researched even more. She’s been through the experience of an over-prepared first-time mom and is now a pro at just carrying the necessities.

Amy and Chelsea, having been friends for over a decade, have watched each other’s lives grow and progress. During Chelsea's second pregnancy, the two women decided they could create a diaper bag that was both stylish but most importantly functional. The bag took over two years to develop, with many different iterations.  The research and time in producing this meticulously-crafted bag is the product we have today.